“would take any opportunity to go back again”

By Emily Brunt

Being in India was like being in a completely alien world to me. Never before have I seen a place so vibrant and full of chaos. Everywhere you look there’s something interesting happening, and everywhere you look there’s this weird juxtaposition of poverty and wealth, or modern structures next to historical or tradition filled buildings. The streets are filled with shack like houses with tarpaulin roofs next to intricate and stunning temples.

Another contrast that really struck me was the huge difference between Daly college (where we were staying) and the government school we were building a washroom at. There was such a stark difference between the privileges of the children in terms of the lifestyles they could afford, and yet when talking to them you would never know it. The students from both schools were some of the most inquisitive and friendly people I have ever met, and it was humbling to see how involved they were with the washroom project. It was an incredible environment to work in, feeling like you were contributing to something lasting and worthwhile, as part of a really diverse group all aiming for the same thing.

Visiting the schools which had already benefitted from the washroom project reinforced this, and it was inspiring to see the long term effects of this project and realise that the washroom I helped complete that week will help hundreds of school girls for years to come. I loved every second of this experience and would take any opportunity to go back again, help continue with this project or visit the schools and children i spent time with.

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