“The best week of my life”

DMU Global in Indore IndiaBy Bavia Dulabh – DMU Square Mile International Frontrunner

After a day long journey to India we finally arrived in Daly College Indore where a group of local students was waiting to welcome us all. The warm weather at that moment was just a small sign of the differences between the UK and India we would later discover. The first shock we faced was the busy and chaotic traffic in the roads. It seemed to be a lawless traffic where the conventional rules did not make any sense.  Yet, I was fascinated and entertained observing how skilful the Indian drivers were in such dangerous traffic conditions. This was just the first cultural shock we would encounter.

The second surprising aspect of this trip was the way we were welcomed by Daly College staff and students. It is an Indian custom to treat guest as Gods and that was the exact feeling we had as soon as we arrived. We felt part of the Daly College family.

The participation in this project was truly inspiring. We actually built a toilet that will give better education for Indian children in few days and assessed the efficiency of our construction by listening to the verdict of the local children. The feedback from them was positive and the most rewarding part was the enthusiasm they had just by being next to us. The teachers would stop classes just to listen to the words we had to say.

Besides building the toilet we also had the chance to visit local monuments and historical places to explore the local culture. The balance between construction work and leisure was perfect and that was the main reason of success in this trip.       

The idea of going to India and sharing  my knowldege and experience with people from a different culture was exciting. But in one week I learned much more than I had to taught and I cannot explain how much I mentally grew.

Before the trip I said that this experience would be life changing. It was. I lived moments I will never forget.

I would like to thank #DMUGlobal and @DMUSquareMile for providing me the best week of my life.

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