“unforgettable and a really valuable experience” #DMUglobal trip to India

DMU Global in Indore IndiaBy Grace Broughton – Final year Nursing student

The recent DMU Square Mile trip to India has been fantastic. I went to India with some fellow students and staff members to help in a washroom project undertaken in a cultural city called Indore in India.

We undertook a project that consisted of building a washroom in an underprivileged school. We did this along with the help from students at a local public school in Indore called The Daly College. After a long journey, we arrived at our accommodation in Indore, which was the Daly College Business School.

They were the perfect hosts and incredibly accommodating to all of our needs. The week involved of construction work, where we were all able to get involved with building the outer structure of the washroom, and the plastering of the walls.

While at the school we were also interacting with the school children and got the chance to go into the classrooms and teach some of the children about the UK. We then went on to visit schools where a washroom had previously been constructed because of the project. We visited to other schools around the area including a ‘deaf and dumb’ school, which was truly inspirational.

Aside from construction, we visited many cultural monuments and historical places, including one of my favorite places we visited called Mandu.

Having never been to India before; we were able to go to numerous temples and here I felt I was able to gain full insight into the countries culture, beliefs and way of life. The difference between the UK and India is indescribable, and that’s what I loved most about the country. I feel that this made the trip to India unforgettable and a really valuable experience.

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