Photography at the GREAT Festival of Creativity…

jakeBy Jake Bonham – Third year Photography and Video Student

I was lucky enough to win the opportunity to photograph the three day event that was the GREAT Festival of Creativity in Shanghai from 2nd to the 4th of March by submitting my photographic portfolio and answering questions on how the experience would benefit me.

The Festival was officially opened by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge with a live performance by Jessie Ware, opened the festival.

I applied to go on the trip because I wanted to gain something that I maybe haven’t gained on my current course. I wanted to challenge my photographic skills by working in a commercial environment, which is something I have never done before.

On the trip, I was taking photographs for news stories that were heading out on a daily basis from the festival on the De Montfort University news pages. I got to work in a pressurised environment where I had to take, edit and sort through imagery in a limited space of time. This was a challenge that I believe I thrived under.

The whole experience has been hugely beneficial as I managed to network with other partners at the festival and now have a contact at Land Rover Jaguar. It is also something that will look great on my CV and in my photographic portfolio.

Shanghai as a city was amazing! I tried plenty of local food and beverages and got to experience the city with the largest population in the world.

I am incredibly grateful to De Montfort University for giving me this opportunity. I have learned a great deal about photographing and working at a commercial event such as the GREAT Festival of Creativity. After experiencing China I would definitely recommend a visit to any current De Montfort Univeristy student on a #DMUglobal trip.

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