Festival of Colours – March 6th!

By Krishna Nama

krishnaWe will be celebrating Holi to mark the coming of spring and it is traditionally marked with colour and fun. It will be held on Bede Park from 4pm – on Friday 6th March 2015. Holi is synonymous with Gulal, Abir and ‘Phagwah’ and is colourful festival celebrated by followers of the Vedic Religion. Holi reassures ultimate victory of good over evil. Holi helps in bringing the community together, also shows strength of unity. The festival celebrated by Hindus and non-religious people are also encouraged to be a part of such a colourful and joyous festival. Besides, on this day people do not differentiate between the rich and poor and everybody celebrates the festival together with a spirit of brotherhood. 

We get very little chance to enjoy and celebrate our festivals outside of India. But with the UK being one of the biggest, most diverse countries in the world, it gives freedom for everyone to enjoy and share their culture. We don’t see many Holi events in the UK , so it’s really important that university’s aim to celebrate festivals here including Diwali. This is not just to celebrate our festival, this also provides opportunity to share our culture with others and also provide an opportunity for others to experience our culture and festivals. Other than the festival and/or celebrations, this also gives the opportunity for students to gather and enjoy something new which they hardly get chance if they were elsewhere.

The Indian society has been successful in organising this event past two years. Last year the Indian Society won the award for  “Best event of the year” for organising Holi as a multicultural event enjoyed by diverse communities. Events organised by the Indian Society are captured by leading news corporations, including the BBC, Leicester Mercury and PUKAR news. This year for the first time this event will be huge success due to collaboration with the DSU, the Square Mile Project, #DMUglobal, and Leicester city council.

Take a look at the events Facebook page here.

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