Three days and counting….

By Jessica Bogic – DMU Square Mile  Projects and Outreach C0-ordinator

10923589_10153056263735970_2385069979307961230_nThe DMU Square Mile trip to India is nearly here – with #DMUGlobal! This academic year I have been running the Homework Club India Project in some of the Leicestershire schools. The project is to help raise awareness about the lack of toilets in Indin schools, and the affect that has on education.

One of the projects main aims is to raise money through this awareness, which is going to be spent on building toilets. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the young people in Leicester to support a cause, which will give young people in India an opportunity to want to stay in education. I have seen the young people in Leicester take on this project with both hands and truly get inspired, they are supporting other schools in another country which is incredibly rewarding to see.

After seeing the hard work of the Leicester schools in raising awareness of the lack of washroom facilities in schools in India, it has put it into perspective how much we take for granted having a toilet to use at any time. Something as simple as having toilet facilities seems so minimal to you and I, but for thousands of school children in India this is just a simple luxury they don’t have.

As a female who values to importance of education I feel extremely passionate about supporting this project, with particular interest to the young girls in India who lack privacy in using a washroom whilst there at school. It is believed that the lack of washrooms in schools is a significant factor to the drop out of young girls from education. Everyone deserves the right to education and something as simple as a washroom should not hinder this.

I am incredibly honoured and excited to be heading to India on Friday with a fantastic group of students and other staff members from DMU, to do something which will give all of those young people the safety and privacy of having a washroom in their school.

To see what Jess and the group are up to whilst in India – follow her on Twitter @JessBogic


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