This trip will be life changing!

1653267_827074647336074_2481487530980361111_nBy Bavia Dulabh – DMU Square Mile International Frontrunner

Hi my name is Bavia Dulabh and I am flying to India on Friday, as part of a project that will build toilets for children in Indore, India.

#DMUglobal and DMU Square Mile in partnership with Daly College, Indore – developed a project to tackle the issue of lack of toilets in India. Millions of young people in India drop out education, simply because they do not have access to a toilet. This particular issue affects especially girls, meaning that in the longer term, girls without education will enter in a cycle of poverty, ending up pregnant in a young age and without the possibility of providing a good education to their children.

I am very excited to be part of a team that will make an impact in India. I am aware that we will not change the reality in the whole country, but we will certainly deliver a strong message to the local Government and local people, as this occasion will attract a great deal of media coverage, both in India and the UK.

In addition, I will gain invaluable knowledge and cultural awareness by being in contact with people from a completely environment.

The most important part of this trip will be the fact that potentially 150 children will able to stay in education, as a result of the construction of new toilets. Being part of this will be life changing.

@DMUSquareMile #isallaboutpublicgood

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